Spiritual Guidance by Amanda Fresh

Spiritual Guidance Reading


In a Spiritual Guidance Reading, receive general messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides as well as insights concerning difficult or challenging situations in your life.


Sometimes we have difficulty making decisions on our own or knowing exactly what our correct path is, when we are attached to a specific outcome.

By communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides, I pass information on to you directly from them, to help you make decisions that are in your highest and best interest, that will help keep you traveling on your correct path in life. 


What to do before a Spiritual Guidance Reading:


*Keep an open mind and open heart, releasing expectations. Like life in general, the energy and flow of a reading is much more effective when we don’t have a specific attachment to the outcome.

*Have questions ready but please hold them until the end of the reading. Usually, Spirit addresses most questions before you even have to ask.

*Please, no drugs or alcohol before a reading.

*Try to be in a calm, relaxed state for your reading. There is no need to be nervous…connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides is a beautiful thing! If doing a distance session, please try to be in a relaxed, quiet environment.


Benefits of a Spiritual Guidance Reading:


*Gain clarity and insight around challenging situations.

*Receive guidance to set you on your correct spiritual path in life.

*Discover what your soul purpose is.

*Receive insight into your romantic relationship or into what may be blocking you from having one.

*Ask your Spirit Guides about a possible career change. 

*Recognize and remove obstacles preventing you from reaching your highest purpose.

*Find out if a geographic move to a new location would be the best decision for you.

*Receive guidance from your Angels and Spirit Guides on how to move forward with situations, in ways that are in the highest and best interest of all involved.

*Heal grief with help from the other side.


Spiritual Guidance Reading: $150.00 – 60 minutes

Wellness Package: $295 -1 Spiritual Guidance Reading, 1 Mediumship Reading & 1 Intuitive Reiki  Session 

Treat yourself to a month of wellness! Schedule a mediumship reading, a spiritual guidance reading and an intuitive Reiki healing session, all within one month, and save $100!

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How do you get your discreet and confidential reading?

International appointments – Evidential Mediumship readings, Spiritual Guidance readings, Intuitive Reiki sessions
and Private Mentorship sessions are all available by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

Private, in-Person sessions are available by appointment at my local office near New Orleans.
3800 Houma Blvd. Suite 245
Metairie, LA 70006

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