Amanda Fresh, Spirit Medium


It’s all about LOVE! By starting from within, by having love and compassion for ourselves and each other, we can share our love and light with the rest of the world, raising consciousness as a whole.

Growing up, I could feel spirit all around me but I didn’t know I had abilities or ‘gifts’ until my adult life. It took a journey of self-care and spiritual awakening for me to truly embody my power and begin to fulfill my purpose. It’s the same kind of journey that many of you are on, as well.

Feeling that something was missing in my life, I searched continuously for a deeper connection to God and a way that I could truly help people. I had a wonderful career for many years but I knew that I needed to be of service in a different way… a spiritual way. 

Through a series of events, I discovered my ability to channel spirit. I learned how to communicate with spirit and pass along validating messages to their loved ones. It was this genuine, undeniable communication with Spirit that I had been searching for.

The joy I experience from this work, is indescribable… connecting loved ones through mediumship & helping people with their own spiritual advancement and healing.

I feel so grateful to have found my purpose. Through a desire for something more and divine timing, these gifts were opened up for me.

This path has been such a blessing for me that I want to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to also learn what their gifts are and how to use them.

I offer a variety of classes and private mentorship programs to help you develop your own, unique gifts. Please see my ‘Classes & Groups’ tab to see the variety of classes & workshops that I offer!

I trust that our paths will cross when the timing is right… for an evidential mediumship reading, an intuitive Reiki healing session, a spiritual guidance reading, a development course or a private mentorship session. I am excited to meet you when that time comes!


Certifications & training:

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher – Peggy McElwain 
  • Ordained minister at Universal Life Church
  • Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist, WKI – Dr. J Dunn
  • Advanced mediumship course – John Holland & Janet Nohavac
  • Trance mediumship course – Tony Stockwell
  • Mediumship course – Brian Robertson & Simon James
  • Advanced Mediumship study – Christine Morgan


“Amanda’s messages were spot on and delivered with such accuracy during our reading. The messages I received that day, changed my life! I now move forward in life with peace and renewed faith. Incredibly grateful!”  T.L., Durango, CO


Amanda Fresh
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Amanda Fresh Spiritual Wellness Office

How do you get your discreet and confidential reading?

International appointments available by phone or any means of online communication

Local appointments available at my office in New Orleans.

The Space at Raw Republic
4528 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

To schedule a session: 
Call: (970)-946-0464