Evidential Mediumship Reading


I connect with the spirits of your departed loved ones through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing).


In an evidential mediumship reading, your loved ones validate who they are by sharing descriptive qualities such as what they looked like and what their personality was like during their time here on earth, how they passed, their age at passing, what their profession and hobbies were, etc. They share fond memories and other validating pieces of information so that you will have confirmation of who they are and erase any possible skepticism during the reading.

I ask that you don’t tell me who you would like to connect with. When your loved one comes through, we determine exactly who we are speaking with by the validations they are offering, then I pass along any messages. 

Most can feel the presence of their loved ones in the room. It is a very peaceful, calming experience. The experience can be very emotional, yet healing, especially for those who are searching for closure.

It is a wonderful healing experience for your departed loved ones in the Spirit world, as well. Many prayers of assistance are used before and during the session, to surround the space with love & light.


What to expect from an evidential mediumship reading:


We are all connected as one… a triangle of energy between Spirit, you (the sitter) and myself (the channeler). There is an immediate calmness, a sense of peace during a mediumship reading.

Sometimes spirits who come through can be who you may least expect! But I find that if the spirit you are trying to connect with doesn’t come through at first, more often than not, they do come through eventually…sometimes other energies are necessary to help that spirit come through.

Sometimes two or more spirits come through at a time because they all want face time! In this case, I ask one spirit to take a step back so that they can each have a turn.

Communicating with Spirit is sometimes like a charades game! Through clairvoyance, I will receive images from Spirit that may be literal or symbolic. I may receive a message that means nothing to me but will actually be very significant to you. If something is important that they have shown me and I haven’t relayed the message to you, they will always try to show me in a different way until they get their message across.

If something doesn’t make sense at the time of your reading, take special note of the information… the meaning will usually reveal itself later. It could be a prediction for a future event or something that you are not aware of but will find out later on. Sometimes spirits like to give this special validation so that you have no doubt they are with you.

Those who are about to pass can come through, as well. The “veil” has started to lift for them and their spirit is starting to resonate at a higher vibration in the Spirit world.


Evidential Mediumship Reading: $150.00 – 45 minutes

Wellness Package: 1 Mediumship Reading, 1 Intuitive Reiki Healing Session, 1 Spiritual Guidance Reading & 1 Private Mentorship Session – $515 (Savings of $100!) 


Don’t live in the New Orleans area? All sessions can be done remotely by phone or online!

Gift Certificates available!

How do you get your discreet and confidential reading?

International appointments available by phone or any means of online communication
Local appointments available at my office in New Orleans.

The Space at Raw Republic
4528 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

To schedule a session: 
Call: (970)-946-0464
Email: amanda@freshspiritualwellness.com