Love Notes…

I first saw Amanda for my 5 year old daughter who was having anxiety and abandonment issues. Amanda was able to work through me to reach my daughter’s spirit. I knew instantly, by how she described her, that she was connected to my daughter’s higher self.

I felt so safe and loved with Amanda. I have seen a handful of spiritual practitioners over the years, but Amanda radiates unconditional love and joy in a unique way. You just want to bask in her beautiful presence!

I noticed a significant shift in my daughter’s anxiety after our session and I couldn’t be more grateful to Amanda. It’s almost unbearable when my child suffers, and I felt enormous relief and gratitude when Amanda helped us find peace.

I subsequently had my own session, and sent my stressed out, tightly wound husband to her as well. The information she gave us was invaluable and we often refer back to her words of wisdom, as well as the healing experiences she created for us.

I have recommended Amanda to many of my friends who find themselves stuck, confused, in transition, curious, or in pain, and I plan to use her as a loving resource for many years to come!

Jen Brewer

Pagosa Springs, CO

I went to see Amanda to have a spiritual guidance reading.  I had never done a reading like this before and had no idea what to expect.  I have had numerous Tarot and palm readings but always left the session feeling disconnected, and confused.  Right away I could tell this would be a pleasant experience just by the feeling of her space.  It’s inviting, peaceful and you just feel good when you walk into the room.

Amanda spent a few minutes explaining the process and then we began.  The very first thing she said was so direct and unbelievably truthful that I knew right then she truly has an amazing gift.  Her messages were so spot on and delivered with such accuracy that it was impossible to explain other than she was directly connected with my Angels during the reading.

The messages I received that day, changed my life!  I often doubted and questioned every move I made, but I now know I am surrounded by loving and helpful guides.  I now move forward in life with peace and renewed faith.

I absolutely urge anyone and everyone who has ever been curious or is seeking answers and guidance from our Angels and loved ones who have passed, to experience the awesome gift of Amanda.  You will walk away with a truly amazing experience, you’ll never forget.

Incredibly grateful!

Trina Lone

Esthetician, Durango CO

I met Amanda after a performance of mine at a music festival in Durango and we instantly connected. Our energies recognized each other and we knew that there was a reason that we met. After traveling back to Tucson, I had two phone sessions with Amanda. After each session, I walked away with some new ideas and insights on how to move creatively forward.

It was due to Amanda’s guidance that I decided to take a writing retreat in Silver City, NM and spend more time writing on the piano. Both of these experiences moved my work forward and prepared me creatively and spiritually for the new record I will be making this Spring.

Amanda also helped heal some old energy in my body from a previous trauma through our work together and I am very grateful. Amanda is a genuine loving soul that aims only to heal and help others with her gifts. I highly recommend her services if you are ready to make some powerful shifts in your life.

Katie Haverly

Musician, Tucson, AZ

I wasn’t particularly seeking out spiritual or clairvoyant help before my first appointment with Amanda. Instead, I just knew her personally and was curious to see what she was up to. I remember walking into Amanda’s office late and frazzled, and immediately being calmed by her presence. Just being around Amanda’s energy is enough to provoke transformation.

My first reading itself was eye-opening. Amanda accessed information about my family members that was spot-on and allowed me greater compassion towards them. She also provided concrete instructions on ways to create deeper, more loving relationships in my family.

Tugging at my heart during that first session with Amanda was the question of whether I would ever find an appropriate partner and a deep, true love. I was honestly surprised (and pleased) when Amanda offered specific physical attributes of my future partner. Mostly just for fun, I ran with these physical descriptions and within days met someone who seems to be a great match. We are currently exploring the beginnings of a relationship!

Thank you, Amanda!

Elise Fabricant

Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher, Durango, CO

I’ve more than once benefited from Amanda’s gifts as a spiritual guide and comforter of the soul. She is a beacon of light for anyone seeking clarity to navigate through the sometimes blinding and blurring fog of ambiguity, discontent, and uncertainty. She channels a simple, pure message of truth that helps someone remember how to reconnect with the messages sent by one’s own soul; Amanda gives voice to the messages we sometimes miss because of fatigue, anxiety, self-doubt, and feeling desperate or overwhelmed. Her ability is a hand to hold in troubled times…quietly confident and authentically reassuring.

Kevin Mendelson

Esthetician, New Orleans, LA

I own my own accounting business and it can be quite stressful.   I was doubting my abilities in work and my personal life.  After experiencing several sessions with Amanda Fresh I can honestly say I have had a calmer more focused outlook.  How wonderful it was to have Amanda open up pathways of clarity!  I went from a sense of confusion and unsureness to a fulfilling sense of well being.

I believe she is gifted in how she communicates and I can truly say that sessions with her have opened my mind and my heart. She created a loving, caring atmosphere where I felt no judgement at all.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Amanda so that I may continue to be open to all that life has to offer and to have the confidence to move forward in my business and personal life.

Thank you Amanda! You are amazing!!

Patricia Barker

Accountant, Durango CO

Your eyes:  stoic, gracious, kind and present.
Your voice:  you speak with intent, you sing beautifully and your laugh is captivating.
Your ability to love:  You have shown others and myself the beauty of knowing you and how you can easily relate to others. You are an “unconditional” lover of life.

Carson Jones

Photographer, Durango, CO

I asked for an “emergency” session with Amanda when I was into the third week of a challenging upper respiratory and sinus infection.  I was miserable and had been unable to sleep for three weeks.  I am normally healthy and had suspected that there were deeper layers at play, since I had trouble shaking the illness.  Amanda gave me a distance Reiki session the following morning.  She clarified the deeper layers I suspected and was spot on regarding the energetic and emotional issues I was experiencing.  I felt an immediate sense of relief and slept deeply and well that night for the first night in weeks.  Thank you, Amanda!!!

Julie Gentry

Durango, CO

Amanda is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  She has a divine light that she carries with her and is able to share it easily with others.  And she has the sweetest, most incredible laugh that just fills my soul with happiness!  My distance session with her was more personalized, powerful and revealing than many in-person sessions that I have experienced.

Stacey Melling

New Orleans, LA

I was deep in grief over the loss of my closest friend. My session with Amanda gave me so much peace of mind and closure it literally turned my life around for the better. Amanda is a very kind and intuitive healer. I will definitely be seeing her again!

Ava Otway

Albequerque, NM

Amanda’s spiritual abilities transcend beyond the human realm.  Witnessing her physical and emotional connection with animals brought tears to my eyes.  She worked with my dog, Puddin, after a traumatic accident where she was hit by a jeep in a crosswalk.  Before we saw Amanda, Puddin could hardly cross the street and overall, was not herself.  Immediately after her session, Puddin crossed the street like a champ, even as cars approached.  Her temperament is getting back to normal and I am so happy we spent the time we did with Amanda.

Stacy Falk

Durango, CO

Amanda is so generous with her time and service. She created a very safe healing space for my session which was life changing, transformational, and therapeutic. This is not my first healing session, but Amanda is my go-to practitioner from now on. I highly recommend Amanda Fresh.

Anne Corrine

Durango, CO

Amanda is very passionate about her gifts. She comes from a very authentic and heart-centered place of truly wanting to help others gain clarity and healing on all levels of their being. She is a true light. Being in her presence lifts you up a few notches!  True joy is around her and you can definitely feel it when you’re in her presence. She always makes others feel comfortable, welcome and special. Amanda is also one of the most honest people I’ve met. I know that what she speaks is truth and not just fluff to make me, or anyone for that matter, feel better.  I know I appreciate that, I’m sure all who know and work with her do too!!

Whitney Lamb

Durango, CO

There is not a better person out there who is as gentle, motivated, and easy to listen to as Amanda. After my husband and I bought our first home, Amanda offered to cleanse it in order to invite in comforting energy and protection over the space. Being a part of the house-cleansing, within minutes, the house felt warmer, more open, and inviting. I have also received Reiki from her numerous times and every session is more insightful and truth-filled than the last. Thanks Amanda! You are amazing!

Aisylin Lowe

Durango, CO

Amanda is a kind, caring and understanding practitioner. She has a wonderful way of holding a nonjudgmental and compassionate space that feels safe.


Durango, CO

Amanda’s sessions are excellent. She is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner. You can easily tell when someone is truly meant to do the work they are doing. Amanda is clearly that person in the perfect career.

Steve Linn

Durango, CO

Amanda’s intuitive gifts just keep getting better and better. She was so spot on with session. I can’t wait to see her again for a reading and Reiki session.

Molly Martin

Durango, CO

Amanda is a gifted healer. She offers quiet and refuge from the “rat race” and her sessions are deeply relaxing. I have felt the effects of her work last for days and even weeks. Her calm demeanor allows for her clients to receive what they need from a session, and her skill and intuition come forth with ease and helpful insight.  I highly recommend Amanda to anyone!

Ashley Hill

Durango, CO

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